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BGI has conducted over 35,000 reviews since our founding in 1983.

Every client of BGI is asked to complete an evaluation of our services when each assignment is completed. We are pleased to provide you, our prospective clients, with BGI references - both written and verbal.

Due to the confidentiality of our clients, we have removed company and client names.

“The review required minimal intervention from our staff. The transfer and conversion of data was also quite seamless. We found Mark Daynard and his team to be more than patient, helpful and professional. Overall I found the review very beneficial and recommend the services offered by BGI to other prospective companies.”

Financial Controller

“Not only are we pleased with the substantial recovery, we were also left satisfied that this audit was a useful risk management tool. The whole process required minimal intervention and input from our staff. We found that the conversion of data from our IT to BGI’s IT team to be seamless. Mark Daynard and his team were very professional, efficient and excellent to work with.”

Financial Accountant

“I would especially like to thank you for the professional and competent manner in which you carried out the reviews and importantly complement you on the minimal impact your review had on our staff. At the outset of the review we were skeptical as to the required level of involvement by our staff. However, now having completed the review I am very pleased with the minimal level of involvement required of our staff and the fact that they were able to go about their daily duties almost without interruption.”

Taxation Manager

“The level of service provided was exceptional and Mark Daynard was very professional, efficient, knowledgeable on current rules and policies and easy to do business with. As a result he was able to work independently with minimal disruption to our resources.”

Commercial Manager

“After an extremely good result from a recent Australian Tax Office Business Activity Statement audit, we were confident with processes and procedures implemented to ensure GST compliance.”

“Given this background we were in two minds as to whether or not we would require the services of BGI. However, given the arrangements and the promise of minimal work interruption, we decided that the potential benefits outweighed any intangible cost.”

“The whole process lived up to expectations with the identification of unclaimed input credits… We were very happy to see that BGI kept their promise of minimal interruptions. I found Mark Daynard to be very diligent, flexible, polite and courteous all throughout and he is a real plus to the whole process. The identification of possible duplicate payments (although minimal in comparison to total payments) also allowed us to review these and implement steps to avoid in future.”

Taxation and Treasury Accountant

“The Australian Taxation Office commenced a GST review not long after we agreed with BGI to conduct the review and it was particularly comforting to know the outcome of the review, prior to the Tax Office conducting their own testing.”

Financial Controller

“(My staff and I) were very favourably impressed by your professionalism and thoroughness during your recent extensive GST Liability and recovery Review. Trying to understand the accounting systems of an organisation as large and complex as (our own) can be a daunting task, but I am very pleased to acknowledge that you met the challenge extremely well.”

Group Taxation Manager

“The feedback we received was clear and fully supported in a manner that simplified our claim on the tax office for a refund.”

Chief Financial Officer

“… we were very impressed with how little resources were actually required from our company. Our dealings with your staff were always pleasant and we were impressed with their professional approach.”

Financial Controller

“I wish also to specifically thank Mark Daynard for his very thorough yet totally non-disruptive performance. During the course of this review Mark sorted and analysed over a quarter of a million accounts payable transactions. This was done almost entirely via electronic file swapping over a number of months and for the most part I and my staff were only ever given one or two pages of queries to follow up. The BGI promise to minimize its client time and effort stands good.”

“Finally I want to acknowledge the obvious IT strengths brought to bear by BGI. All of (our) systems are designed and programmed entirely in-house and as a result contain “peculiarities” unique to (our corporation). BGI’s ability to comprehend and adapt to these peculiarities is nothing short of brilliant.”

Chief Accountant

“The review resulted in notable recovery of missed input tax credits, and an excellent check of the veracity of our systems. A final report was presented which will no doubt be useful for audit and risk committee and Tax office.”

Financial Accountant

“When we invited BGI to undertake a GST recoveries exercise we did not expect that the outcomes would be as good as they were. Not only did your organization identify many GST overpayments, several of them were quite significant in size. This enabled us to re-claim sizable amounts of GST Input Tax Credits from the Tax Office that otherwise would have remained unclaimed. Just as importantly though, it highlighted areas where improvements in our internal processing procedures were required… It also allows us to establish an error rate that we can benchmark against in future GST recovery exercises.”

“For your information, BGI’s suggestion that it undertake a similar exercise every second year is fully supported by our Director of Finance.”

“Once again, we are grateful for the professional and mature approach shown by your staff during the exercise, and look forward to dealing with BGI again in 2012.”

Taxation Advisor

“One of the BGI consultants worked from (our) premises and personally reviewed the required invoices located in our archives. We found BGI technical and analytical staff assigned to (our company) to have a good understanding of GST legislation and its application to our business. The entire review was quick and efficient and we experienced no disruption to our day to day business operations. BGI’s independent findings will greatly assist our future dealings with the Australian Taxation Office.”

Financial Controller

“Not only have we been able to recover GST credits we had failed to claim but over the years it has helped us to monitor the level of errors and the underlying trends. This has helped to give us assurance about how well we are managing our GST risk and what measures we could take to reduce this risk.”

GM Taxation

“We engaged BGI Benchmark Group to review our Accounts Payable function and test the reliability of our GST reporting processes. We found the review to be highly beneficial from a compliance perspective. The review sought not only to identify unclaimed GST credits and duplicate payments, but also provided us assurance that the systems we have in place are working efficiently. During their review we found the BGI staff to be professional and knowledgeable and more importantly their work had minimal impact on business operations. We look forward to working with BGI again in the future.”

Tax & Treasury Manager

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"We found the BGI IT department to be helpful in assisting our staff with the data conversion and our input in the whole process was minimal. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of BGI."

Chief Financial Officer